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Apartments in Florence, villas in Tuscany, staying with an Italian family (homestay), room in a shared apartment chosen with care and attention, that's what we propose at to people who are looking for accommodation in Florence or in the Tuscan countryside.


During our experience to find lodging for some of the most prestigious institutions, we developed a personal and particular approach to transform your holiday in Italy as pleasant and serene as it should be. We offer also various kind of services that are consultable in our web- site.


Every single Florence apartment, flat, family or villa is chosen considering all various needs of our clients. In addition you will have a continuous assistance from our staff during the period of your rent.


As a welcome gesture, we also offer to all of our clients a free guided tour to the museums and churches of Florence every week or their stay.


By booking with us an apartment in Florence or a villa in a heart of Tuscany you only pay for the cost of the accommodation you choose in our web site, without any agency fees.


Florence is the capital of the Renaissance and the standard typology of a central Florence apartments reflects the soul of that period. You can not always expect elevators, as most of the buildings construction date back to the XV century, but you can certainly taste the spirit of a gothic courtyard downstairs your Florence apartment or a baroque staircase leading to it.